Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago


Tired of not developing as a soccer player? Want to develop skills that will help you achieve the highest playing level possible? Looking for world class coaches to train you? Our coaches possess Champions League, National Team and College Head Coaching experiences! Looking for a world class club to join? Don’t miss out! Register today and get ready for a better game!

Tryouts are an opportunity for young athletes to be placed in one of the Olympiacos Soccer School Chicago teams. Whether you are brand new to soccer or a “veteran”, we invite you to come and join us! Tryouts are open to everyone and run by our USSF/NCAA qualified coaching staff.

To determine the dates, time and location of the tryout session to attend, and to register refer to the table provided below.

NOTE: You are only required to register for one tryout session.

STEP#1 – Determine a PRIMARY tryout date for your location by looking at the table below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Backup tryout dates are provided ONLY in case the Primary tryout date needs to be rescheduled due to weather cancellations, etc. Do not choose a backup tryout date unless instructed by the club.

STEP#2 – To determine the correct age group in which to tryout, refer to our age chart calculator!

STEP#3 – To register your child for tryouts (FREE), please complete the following online waiver.

No participation allowed without completing the online waiver.

STEP#4 – Read information about the day of tryouts:

  • An email will be send the night prior to the tryout date with information needed to attend the tryout.
  • Check-in 30 minutes prior to the start of the first tryout session to complete registration process where a tryout number will be assigned.
  • Tryouts will be held in light rain conditions but never when there is lightning.  If in doubt, we will post rain out or cancellations on our FIELD STATUS section on this page (table below).
  • Players should bring a soccer ball, water bottle, and wear soccer attire (jersey, shorts, socks) including shin guards.
  • After teams have been announced, players selected to join a team will receive an email with additional information and instructions on how to complete the team registration process, and to make payment for the Club Membership Fees.
Tryout Day
Date Time Program Location Birth Year
Primary Wednesday
October 26, 2016
8:30 pm – 10:00 pm South Veeck Park | Hinsdale 1998 – 2003 Rained Out
Use Backup Date
Backup Friday
October 28, 2016
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm South Veeck Park | Hinsdale 1998 – 2003 Scheduled
Primary Sunday
October 30, 2016
10:00 am – 11:30 am West Plainfield Central HS | Plainfield 1998 – 2005 Scheduled


Location Directions
Maine East HS
2601 West Dempster
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068
Tryout fields located on south-west corner of the school (corner of Potter & Farrell)
Plainfield Central HS
24120 Fort Beggs Dr
Plainfield, IL 60544
 Fields are located South of the school
Veeck Park
701 E Chicago Ave
Hinsdale, IL 60521
Field is located to the north of the parking lot