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Player Club Agreement

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    August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019


    We have enjoyed many successes with our involvement in youth soccer and learned that one key ingredient of success is clear, consistent communication between the club; its teams and trainers, players and parents. This document is one way of explaining, in detail, our expectations of you as a member of the Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago and what you can expect from the club. It will help you identify some potential problem areas and at the same time answer questions about the club’s decision-making process. As you have committed to become a member of Olympiacos Chicago, please take the time to read the following pages carefully. The signature page must be signed by the player and a parent-guardian to be accepted to the club.

    This agreement covers the seasonal year that runs from August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019.


    Current players are evaluated throughout the season during practices, scrimmages, and games. New players are evaluated during annual tryouts, special clinics, scrimmages and under game situations. There are many terminologies used to categorize and describe soccer abilities. Present and potential team members are evaluated in four areas:

    1. Mental dimensions (character, discipline, and leadership)
    2. Physical dimensions (endurance, strength, and speed)
    3. Technical competence (skills)
    4. Tactical awareness (runs, reading)

    If you have any questions about the meaning of these terms, please ask the trainers. Trainers or independent evaluators will base their decisions solely on the four areas of evaluation and they are responsible to make decisions for the good of the club and team. Politics, friendships, personal relationships, and financial contribution to the club or team will not enter into these decisions. Your understanding here is important, for just as players have the freedom to select a soccer club without unfair pressure and with a full understanding of what is expected, the coach needs the same freedom to work objectively. We will not always agree on issues as sensitive as player evaluation and selection. We hope you will respect our attempt to be objective in these matters.


    Club tryouts are held annually and are open to all players who meet the age requirements. Each prospect will be given a fair opportunity to make the team. The club will announce the open tryouts to inform the public of the specific tryout dates and times. Evaluations and selections will be based solely on how players perform in the four evaluation areas according to the training staff. Evaluations take place during the competitive soccer season (practices and games), as well as during open tryouts. The decisions of the coaches and Board are final.

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