Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago – Park Ridge, Plainfield

Volunteer Duty Sign-Up

The Volunteer Sign-Up System is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later.

Tournament Director

Sets up tournament in gotsoccer, handles registrations, payments, schedules, awards ordering, vendors, planning, etc. Most work done prior to tournament. Tournament Director is the “onsite” final authority.

Field Marshall

Handles and decides on all issues happening during games which cannot be resolved by the “Field Monitors”. Checks in teams at field headquarters prior to each game. “Check-in” consists of the following: Check player cards for the tournament sticker indicating the card has been checked and approved by the tournament, check the player’s photo to match the player and the name with the name on the game roster, check the players equipment – Shin-guards, uniforms, no metal or unsafe objects, shoe type (no toe cleat at front of shoe), and number on Jersey (some times teams have two players with same number). Insures that game cards are turned in to the score reporter immediately after each game and that referees have the game cards available to keep games on time. Field marshall checks for status of goals, flags, garbage cans, etc. and relates information to volunteers in charge of those items to be addressed.

Score Reporter

Handles reporting of scores as games are finished and game cards are turned in. Records scores on the onsite score tables.

Referee Assignor

Assigns referees to games as needed. Usually contracted out to a third party.

Referee Support

Helps organize and set up tents for referees with coolers and ice. Purchases and provides ongoing supply of water, energy drinks, snacks, food, etc. throughout the day.

Volunteer Coordinator

Typically one person per field complex. Will be given a “check-in” form to keep track of the volunteers as well as a copy of these information. Coordinator MUST pass this information and the check-in form to the next coordinator scheduled to help per the assignment chart. Final forms get turned into the field marshal at the end of the tournament. The coordinator is in charge of checking in volunteers from each team to insure enough volunteers are provided to cover all duties assigned to teams. All volunteers MUST check in with Volunteer coordinator to insure proper credit for possible scholarships. Turns in the “volunteer check in” form to tournament director at end of tournament. Has the responsibility to insure that there is plenty of coverage by allocating volunteers to cover all duties as needed per location and can change assigned tasks to volunteers as needed. Handles overall organization of all other volunteers, award ceremonies, and overall progress of the tournament.

Field Monitors

Has the responsibility to monitor games ongoing for disruptions to the games, unruly parents, etc. answers people’s questions regarding the tournament, parking, services, etc. and it is the first level of authority on the fields to deal and resolve any issues in a polite respectful manner. Relates any issue that cannot be resolved to the tournament director.  Files injury reports, disciplinary actions, complaints, etc.

On-Going Filed Clean-Up and Maintenance

Responsibilities include helping set up fields in the morning with flags, tents for the referees and volunteers as needed, placing coolers and ice, checking goals, etc. Also includes picking up corner flags at the end of the day, putting down tents, collecting coolers, and overall clean up, etc. Volunteer also checks for garbage on grounds and collects it by garbage barrels, replaces garbage bags when full, collects garbage bags into dumpster. Provides support to “run” game cards to score reporter.

Final Clean Up

Final clean up crew (2 to 4 people) stays after the last game at fields to insure all items are put away, garbage cleaned, garbage barrels emptied, flags put away, tents and score boards taken down, porta-potty fixtures are locked, etc.

Field Set Up Painting

Volunteer crew/person makes sure all fields are properly marked as needed prior to the tournament.

Goal Set Up and Take Down

Volunteer Set Up Crew moves goals into place as needed for the tournament and insures the safety of each goal-anchoring with sand bags. Crew fixes and secures nets as needed. Volunteer Take Down Crew moves goal back into the original location to prevent disruption of league games, insures that goals are safely anchored with sand bags.